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GFD Trading Covid-19 Update – March 25th, 2020

We would like to assure all of our customers that we will remain open for business during this difficult time. Since the 18th of March, all of our staff have been working remotely and are fully equipped to provide the usual support and advice for our customers. The websites remain live and functional as ever, with […]

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Artistic inspiration

Unfortunately, we cannot all have views from our windows quite as stunning as this, here in the UK a more typical garden view and a one that we can probably all achieve with a minimum of effort is one that looks like – Take out the large trees in the background and most of us […]

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Holidays v Bi folds

Time as they say – “flies” autumn is upon us Christmas will be here and gone before we know it and you will be back to planning your next summer break, you will of course be looking for some where warm sunny and relaxing – have you considered your own back garden? No queues either […]

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Why did you put those jobs off?

The autumn leaves have already slipped by our windows, the nights have grown longer and the temperature has begun to fall and some of us have already had a small taste of the white stuff. Love it or hate it winter is here for at least the next four to five months and winter has […]

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the reason why we all love bifolds

Wherever you look be it new build or existing properties that are being refurbished the Bifold door seems to be the order of the day – they are generally not the cheapest alternative but they have taken the home improvement industry by storm

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