Why did you put those jobs off?

The autumn leaves have already slipped by our windows, the nights have grown longer and the temperature has begun to fall and some of us have already had a small taste of the white stuff. Love it or hate it winter is here for at least the next four to five months and winter has an unfortunate tendency of finding out all those little jobs that you put off through the sunny months –

Your front door still rattles in the wind and the draughts are no longer cooling breezes – more like blasts from the arctic

That cracked or steamed up window pane is only getting worse in parallel with the weather

You knew you had to re draughtproof doors and windows – but who does that in the summer

The leak in the roof/lanternlight did not matter on those balmy summer evening’s – it does now when the rain pours in.

The happy summer cries of joy from the kids have been replaced by cries of “I’m cold”, “my bedrooms cold”, “there’s a draught from that door” and no matter how high you turn up the heating it does not seem to change anything – and now, your dreading your current gas/electric bill falling on the mat.

This was the year that you had had big plans, new windows, a new front door, replace the lantern light but what did you do instead – you enjoyed your time in the sun – we bet you now wish you had given Bi Fold Door Prices a call back when the sun was at it hottest and now you could be relaxing secure in the knowledge that there wold be no more cries of “I’m cold” and even better the heating would not have to be turned up so high and your hard earned money would not be flying out as the draughts fly in.

The good news is Bi Fold Doors are still here waiting for your call or visit to our web site – the bad news for you is that its only September and we can get you sorted for Christmas, but Christmas is far from the end of the winter, often its only the start of the worst two/three months of the year.

It only takes a few moments open up your computer put  https://www.bifolddoorprices.co.uk/ into your browser, pull up the web site and start searching / designing your windows / front door / lantern light make your selections and we will do the rest – competitive quotes – realistic delivery dates – quality and speed installation designed around your convenience – a quality Sales / Aftersales and administration service courtesy of our excellent staff –

and all we ask from you is that when we request payment you do so in a timely manner – could it be easier – well yes actually it could, if finances are a bit tight, after all Christmas is expensive for everyone, you could, providing you qualify take advantage of our 0% finance deals.

Problem solved – at Bi Fold Doors we are not going anywhere we are waiting to improve the quality of your life on oh so many levels – our advice – make that call or visit our web site sooner rather than later – you will not be disappointed.