Composites and Bi Folds – reasons to buy on line –

You can not see it, you can not touch it you can not feel the quality the three main reasons that are normally put forward as to why purchasing a Composite Door on line is not a good idea that’s if we believe our FAQ postbag.

As a counter to these three reasons we at GFD Trading Group through our on line web sites continue to sell and install hundreds of new doors to customers every month and in the case of our Bi Fold Door Prices site it is not just doors, but, windows, Bi fold doors, Patio Doors, French Doors, Roof lights, Lantern Lights etc and they are not all the products of one manufacturer as we resell the products of a number of manufacturers on this site. The site in fact displays and sells so many variations and options on the products size, style, colour etc that if we to attempt to display one of everything –

  1. Our stocking costs would be enormous
  2. We would need something the size of a very large aircraft hangar to display them
  3. The logistics would be impossible

We at GFD HQ know that this sounds ridiculous so way back in 2015 using only the styles, colours and options available on our Timber Composite Door site and using the then options available in our “door designer” we actually di the maths and featured it in a blog entitled “Soildor Composite Front Doors one billion options”

Still think we are exaggerating you take a look at our Timber Composite Door  “door designer” and you may well believe us – just try this simple exercise for yourself – and remember numbers of styles , colours and options have increased since 2015

Step 1 pick a traditional door you are asked to choose a frame type there are seventeen of these

Step 2 pick a door style – there are thirty-two of these

Step 3 pick an external door colour – there are twenty of these

Step 4 pick an internal colour – there are twenty of these same as the external

Step 5 pick an external frame colour – there are nine of these

Step 6 pick an internal frame colour – this is normally white unless you wish to match it to an internal colour and there are twenty such options.

Step 7 pick the glass – we reckon that we show fifty plus but as not every glass fits every door let’s use an average of twenty

Step 8 pick some hardware three ranges of handles in ten options of colour

Step 9 pick your accessories there are four of them suited by colour that’s sixteen options

Step 10 pick your key turn option of which there are two

Step 11 – pick your Ultion Key option which we will ignore because there are just too many to count

We reckon the minimum way (but not necessarily the correct way) to assess the traditional door options is to multiply all of the above together which is –

17x 32 x 20 x 20 x 9 x 20 x 20 x 10 x 2 – which we reckon is 15,667,200,000 which is actually 15 billion if we take the US version of a billion as a 1000 million ie 1,000,000,000, a little short if we take the UK interpretation of a billion as a million, million 1,000,000,000,000, but we still have contemporary, cottage, stable and French doors to consider and if we add in all the key fob options we beat any version of a billion – so clearly we are not exaggerating but we do give an amazing choice of options when all anyone is trying to purchase is ONE NEW FRONT DOOR.

So, for all of the products and all of the variations from which you could choose that we are able to offer through the GFD Trading Group we could be talking tens of billions of product lines.

Choice and availability has to be the Number 1 reason for buying on line.

We do not doubt that if you take the trouble to  visit to your local DIY superstore they may offer you the opportunity to view maybe a handful of any selected door manufacture’s products and you may well be able to touch the product and feel (or otherwise) the quality then if your desired door is not in store – out comes the brochure with limited views of the product for you to choose your options.

To counter the normal arguments

“You cannot see it” – not true all of our web sites have literally hundreds of gallery page photographs of actual doors (from Timber Composite Doors) and Image Gallery (from Bi Fold Door Prices) we have installed for satisfied customers – is there a better way of displaying a product than an actual installation ???

“You cannot touch it or feel the quality” – this is a fact we cannot deny but how many of us can actually judge the quality of any product simply by touching it, how do we judge quality? It is not just about the “feel” it is about the quality of the specification and how the components are put together- all of our web sites dedicate a page(s) to describing the manufacturers specification of the product in much more detail than you would receive from your typical DIY Salesperson.

That is not where the story ends we also install all of the products we sell and that is throughout the UK not just local to you, and everyone of our web sites (there are six of them and counting) contains a page dedicated to exactly what we do as a part of the installation process – that’s from the original survey (where we take responsibility for the dimensions) to the moment we polish the hardware as we leave.

A web site allows us to tell you the sort of information that a Salesman could take hours to explain, 0% Finance options and Consumer Rights for example.

At GFD Trading Group we believe that our websites should be places of adventure where our  customers enjoy visiting – the fun of designing your own  Composite door, windows, Bi fold doors, Patio Doors, French Doors, Roof lights, Lantern Lights, the enjoyment of perusing the thousands of Gallery photographs, the investigation of the specifications to see what you are actually buying, the reading of the TRUST PILOT reviews to see what our customers say about us.

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