the reason why we all love bifolds

Wherever you look be it new build or existing properties that are being refurbished the Bifold door seems to be the order of the day – they are generally not the cheapest alternative but they have taken the home improvement industry by storm in the last decade. They are one of the more popular choices for the side or rear of a property, places, where it’s not easy for strangers or by passers to see in from the drive or the street and they provide an excellent alternative to

patio or French doors.

Why have they become so popular and do they represent good value for money?

The evolution of the BI Fold Door is now well advanced and as this style of door continues to develop, more options have become available, giving greater choice, with attractive slim line styles and a stronger construction based around thermally efficient components so you are actually getting more for your money, making Bi Folds an increasingly cost-effective solution to your door/window dilemma.

One of the key features which make Bi folds so popular is their flexibility as they can be constructed with multiple door leaves typically 2-8 and as these door leaves act in a concertina motion, they can be used to open up full walls to make the most of the connection between the home and outside space. Whatever the size of opening you prefer a Bi Fold can be manufactured to suit your individual need they’re perfect for opening up your home on warm summer to provide a practically uninterrupted view of your garden, deck, patio, or balcony and beyond. That same flexibility works equally as well in the winter, as most Bi fold s allow you to configure the opening pattern­ – traffic doors are a popular option –this single door is situated at one end of the bifold set, and opens just like a normal door ideal on a cold bright morning when you want to let some fresh air into your home you can simply open this  leaf of your door to allow the exact draught flow you require. However, when you want to open the full door set, it folds to the side along with the others, allowing you to pop in and out without exposing too much of your home.

When it comes to opening your doors, you are in control operating on smooth runners you can open them to suit your precise needs, a small way for quick access or to create some ventilation, or a wider gap for an unobstructed view (also very useful to give access to new furniture or fittings which are large in size)

Improving the view also means letting in more light, and in the winter, this can help to lift the mood and save on lighting costs. According to current research,  rather than closing the curtains, exposing your home to more natural light is good for all of us and can do wonders for our sleep patterns and mental wellbeing.

 If you are one who enjoys the changing of the seasons the large area of glazing when your doors are closed allows you to be more actively aware of the bird/animal and flora and fauna changes as they occur day by day, whilst you are warm on the inside of your home.

The thermal efficiency of Bi Folds shut not be underestimated, your current sliding or French patio doors might let in a draught or two, this is far less likely with new bifold doors. Whether you choose uPVC and aluminium bifold options the door frames will be insulated on the interior to minimise any heat loss. As all Bi Folds are factory manufactured and pre-assembled including the installation of high-quality weathertight seals it can be guaranteed that when the doors are closed and the frames fit together, they will provide a completely draught-free installation. The glass itself used in BI folds is normally “toughened supplied as double or triple glazed panes producing in most instances a “U” value that is the equivalent or better than a cavity wall. –which all but ensures that your heating bills go down, and that it’s easier to keep your home at a steady temperature

If your looking for the best place to obtain factual advice as to the best Bi Fold door solution for your property the Bi fold door prices web site is an excellent place to start. With over ten years of experience of servicing the door and window market we have encountered and overcome all of the problems that can occur during a typical Bi fold installation and when it comes to helping our clients to select the perfect Bi Fold for their property, we place all of our experience at their disposal.