Infinite time and money

Bi Folding Doors : Infinite time and money

Bi Folding Doors Infinite time and money- very few of us would refuse that offer – but with that very same infinite time and infinite money, how many of us could start with a blank piece of paper and end by designing a door as radical revolutionary and different as the Bi Sliding Folding door from Bi-Fold Door prices.


It stacks it folds, it swings and slides and it allows you to leave individual panels where it suits you, it is so sophisticated in its opening options that it allows you to totally control the air flow, in, out or through your home, whilst always looking graceful and stylish It is all there in the diagram –

Panels slide and pivot open and stack away at the chosen end on hidden hinges

Individual panels can be disengaged from each other so they can be located where you want.

When fully closed all the panels clip back together using the “secure interlock magnetic system “between all doors and a multi-point locking system to the master door -the door easily meets the current standards for strength and efficiency.

And of course, there are the advantages that you can not see in the diagram –

Thermal efficiency is guaranteed by the use of eCore technology in the profiles used in the manufacture of the door which with standard double glazing easily achieves an efficiency rating of 1.7 which can be improved to 1.6 with an enhancement to triple glazing

Design and style and the all-important colour – either select colours to match your existing décor or make the colour of your new Bi sliding folding door the new focal point of your home by taking advantage of the 200 possible colours, foils and timber effect finishes which should be more than sufficient choice for the most discerning of designers. The colour means nothing without the style and these doors have style in abundance as shown in the image below.



Radical in design – yes

Stylish in the extreme – yes

Capable of revolutionising the way you and your family interact with your own outdoor space – yes

Do you need an infinite amount of money to purchase them or an infinite amount of time to install them – no

Where can you go for more information on this superb product – the best starting point Bi-Fold Door prices a visit to our web site will get you started, a telephone to one of our sales team will let you know just how much assistance we can offer, installation, finance etc, don’t waste your precious time, pondering on all the problems that could occur, relax and let our professionals take over you may make a purchase such as this once or twice in a lifetime we deal in those dreams and satisfy our customers’ needs every single day.