Bi folding doors giving you the idyllic life

Bi folding doors giving you the idyllic life


A beautiful summer morning the sun just peeping through the clouds – a modest but warming temperature – the smell of freshly brewed coffee – the first cup of the day in your hand – you gently slide a single panel of your new Bi folding doors open and take your first tentative step into a new day.

The newly installed timber decking feels warm and comforting beneath your toes as the first wisp of a wind caresses your cheek – all feels at peace with the world this fine morning. Your quiet peaceful solitude as you stand transfixed by the beauty of the morning is broken by the sudden singing of a blackbird but a few feet away – today you know is going to be a good day.

You place your coffee cup upon the patio table, slide into a patio chair close your eyes and listen to the birdsong and slowly start to drift into those special moments that proceed the onrush of sleep – the idyllic life.

“awakened by the barking of the neighbour’s dog”

Fortunately, you are awakened by the barking of the neighbour’s dog, your tranquillity broken, you turn in your chair and gaze back through the Bi Fold Doors and into the newly constructed Family Room – the room that has changed your home forever bringing life and light into a space that you and your family can treasure for years to come.

The idea of installing a lantern light in the flat roof and using flat roof lights in the pitched section was a stroke of pure brilliance your only regret was that you had not thought of it yourself.

You cast your eyes towards the kitchen the upper part of the stable door is open – your wife is busy cooking the bacon and egg’s for breakfast and the aroma is divine.

You hear a gentle knocking from a window above, one of your children is trying to attract your attention by tapping gently on the newly installed slim line windows, you smile and return the wave comforted in the knowledge that not only have they added value to your property, they are draught free and so secure making your home so much warmer for your family and – oh how they have improved the external appearance of your home.

The windows are beautiful but the coup de grace in respect of improving the appearance of your home has to be the new front door – stunning contemporary styling of the door and side panels exquisite colour and visually striking glazing and accessories.

Your home has been transformed over recent weeks – transformed into the sort of property that you could only dream of – the sort you used to view enviously in so many magazines – it is now complete and you are a contented man.

Your wife steps out onto the decking a tray in hand a second cup of coffee, the crisp smoked bacon the bright yellow yolks of the eggs the warm toast and honey she sets the food before you on the patio table – together you sit and eat in quiet contemplation of your good fortune. The silence is eventually broken when your wife turns and tells you how pleased she is with the redesigning of your home, smiling all the time, it has been impossible to stop her smiling since the alterations were completed.

Your honesty prevents you from taking the credit – “it was all down to that one phone call” you say, because you know – none of this would never have happened and your dreams would not have come true – if after ordering your new Bi Folding Door you had not asked the question “Is there anything else you can assist us with”

At Bi Fold Door Prices, we are used to making dreams come true, as part of the GFD Group of companies we have years of experience in the fenestration business suppling and installing doors, windows, Bi fold, lantern lights etc throughout the UK, we do it all – from a single door or window to a full home or extension – making dreams come true is our speciality.

If you want to discover the idyllic life and why would you not, visit our Bi Fold Door Prices web site or give us a call ask the question “Is there anything else you can assist us with” and together we can start planning your dream home.

If you are looking towards a complete homemaker, then check out our sister company GFD Homes